We strive to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves by gratefully sharing our many gifts from God



 Our Lady of the Meadows Parish (map)

23 Starling Dr, Pueblo, CO 81005

Confession 4 PM Saturday
Mass: Saturday 5 PM
7:30 AM and 11 AM .

Monday 7 AM - No Mass
Tuesday-Friday 7 AM - Mass

Holy Days:    Vigil - 5:30 PM,
    Mass of the Holy Day - 7AM



Holy Rosary Parish (map)
Sunday, 9:15 AM


Catholic Church

Rev. Monsignor James King, Pastor



with us



Praising God and serving His flock for 40 years



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Statue of Our Lady of the Meadows


Lord our God, when your Son was dying on the altar of the cross, he gave us as our mother the one he had chosen to be his own mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant that we who call upon the holy name of Mary, our mother, with confidence in her protection may receive strength and comfort in all our needs.

Marian Sacramentary, Mass for the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Parish

40th Anniversary Celebration Booklet

New to the Parish? Welcome!  Please register.
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OLM Emergency Planning Documents

This Week's Bulletin

King's Korner

Bible Study

Thursdays at Noon and 7 p.m.
in the Parish Center Library

Bible Study sheets will be available each week
on the kiosk by the west doors.


“Acts--Spread of the Kingdom”

Beginning Thursday, May 2 (at noon and 7:00 p.m.) and for

twenty weeks, our Bible Study will be “Acts--Spread of the

Kingdom”. The Acts of the Apostles covers about a thirty-year

period following the resurrection of Jesus when the early

Christians “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) by

spreading the Good News. The lessons learned are as timeless

as the faith we live, the struggles just as real in the 21st century


The series consists of DVD presentations by Jeff Cavins and

Sarah Christmyer from Ascension Press, reading Acts and

reflecting on the material. Please make plans to study with us.


(see Bulletin for further info)




Knights of Columbus Breakfast



Annual Parish Bazaar



Trunk or Treat



Mass of Remembrance



Knights of Columbus Breakfast



Thanksgiving Mass

Mark your calendar for upcoming events


Parish Calendar Of Events

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If you or a loved one are hospitalized and would like Father Jim to visit you, please call the parish office or ask the hospital chaplain to contact the parish. Because of privacy laws, hospitals do not publish lists of those who have been admitted to the hospital.

Monthly Food Drive

Remember to bring food donations the first weekend each month to all the Masses. Staples, canned hams, chicken, packaged meals and children’s snacks are always good. Please be generous

Whom do you call for information at the parish?

Is it Chris or Fran, Father Jim, Lynn, Linda, or Blase?

When does Formation begin?

What do we offer?

You have questions.

We have answers.

Click here for a thumbnail sketch of all we have to offer at OLM and whom you need to speak. In the next couple of weeks we will provide guidelines and explanations for sacraments, formation and other parish information


Ministry Minutes are available at the office.
Check out what is happening in the Parish ministries

Click here for a message and info on Parish Council

What to do? What to do?

The word going around is that Our Lady of the Meadows

is a transitioning parish -- indeed we are in so many ways:

we have fewer high schoolers in the parish programs, not

many youngsters in “Growing Up Catholic” and those who

have ministered in the parish for many, many years are

growing tired and leaving their minisries. But transitions also

signal new ways of doing things, new ministries, new people

picking up the slack in our various ministries.

What can happen?

Some ministries will have to be suspended until we get

more help. Have you noticed that sometimes we only have

four Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist? That is not

indicative of the number of people in attendance -- that

means we don’t have enough ministers to handle all the

stations. Do you see the same people doing multiple

ministries -- or staff members picking up the slack? Most

of our ministries don’t require additional time on the ministers’

part because many of them are liturgical in nature. As we

look to revamping formation, we need more catechists,

which does require additional time but it is not without

support. Growing Up Catholic meets on Sundays 10:00-

10:45 a.m. with ample time to attend Mass at 11:00 a.m.

Sacramental programs meet on Sunday in that same time


What can you do to help? What are you called to do?

Transition may be smooth or it can be bumpy -- that really

is up to us.

For more information or to volunteer, talk to Chris on the

weekend or call during the week. Thank you for your

willingness to discern your role in our parish life. Many hands

make light work!



Whole Community Catechesis

Formation Survey Links for Lifetime Catechesis:


To get a list of course offerings during any cycle check Dayton's website at vlc.udayton.edu. Go to course schedule and then click on next Cycle. If you plan on taking any courses during this Cycle, it would be good to register now becuase sometimes classes get filled and they close the sessions.

Deacon Steve Escalera will be taking over the Dayton program in 2017. Any questions can be referred to him at sescalera@dioceseofpueblo.org.

Formation programs begin the Sunday after Labor Day.

Please let us know that you would like us to send you registration forms andinformation as soon as it is available. Sign up sheets are availablein the Narthex. Please keep in mind that it is the responsibility of theChurch to pass on the faith to our children. Our formation programsare ONE way that we do this.

If you have questions, please call Chris at 561-3580.

“Growing Up Catholic”

Growing Up Catholic and First Sacraments (Eucharist and

Reconciliation) began Sunday, September 10 with a family

gathering in the parish center hall, 10:00–10:45a.m.

Registration forms will be available at all the Masses or in the

office during the week. All children K-5th grades and preschoolers if they have been in pre-school for at least a year

are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions, please

call the office and talk to Chris 561-3580 extension 12.




OLM Sunday, 10:00- 10:45 a.m.

It is not too late to register.


begins Sunday, September 30, 5:00 p.m.

at HOLY FAMILY, 2825 Lakeview


begins Sunday September 30, 5:00 p.m.

at HOLY FAMILY, 2825 Lakeview


Confirmation Process for those who have finished one year

of the program begins Sunday, October 7 with orientation at

HOLY FAMILY, 2825 Lakeview.


Please keep in mind that formation does not end with the

reception of a sacrament such as Eucharist or Confirmation.

Nor is formation for a sacrament confined to “classes” as

the formal learning, but extends to Mass attendance and life

in the parish (informal learning). All three components are


Look for more adult formation offerings coming soon.

Adult Formation opportunities—

“Acts--Spread of the Kingdom”

Beginning Thursday, May 2 (at noon and 7:00 p.m.) and for

twenty weeks, our Bible Study will be “Acts--Spread of the

Kingdom”. The Acts of the Apostles covers about a thirty-year

period following the resurrection of Jesus when the early

Christians “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) by

spreading the Good News. The lessons learned are as timeless

as the faith we live, the struggles just as real in the 21st century


The series consists of DVD presentations by Jeff Cavins and

Sarah Christmyer from Ascension Press, reading Acts and

reflecting on the material. Please make plans to study with us.


Please make your reservation by calling Chris at 561-3580. We need to know an approximate number to prepare materials


Featured Youth & Young Adult Event


Learn - Deepen - Defend - Instruct


Get your inspirational CD and book
from the kiosk in the Narthex, Today!
Order on line at www.lighthousecatholicmedia.org

Here is a synopsis of some of the CD's in the Kiosk

 Deepen Your Understanding

Confession - Fr. Larry Richards

Based upon his proven and powerful parish mission presentation, Fr. Larry Richards’ talk on Confession has become the #1 talk in North America dealing with one of the Catholic Faith’s most misunderstood Sacraments. He is riveting, honest, very human, often touchingly gentle, and yes, even humorous, and provides listeners with hope for a closer, healing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Discerning God’s Will – Fr. Larry Richards

“How do I know what God wants?” Knowing the will of God can be an intimidating topic for people of all ages. In this talk, Fr. Larry Richards, the founder of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, delves into the process of discernment. With personal stories, practical steps, and sound advice, Fr. Larry encourages all of us to dedicate ourselves to living the life that God has planned for us. It is in living this life that we will truly be happy.

Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song - Vicki Kueppers

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet through song! With beautiful music and meditations on God’s mercy throughout salvation history by Jeff Cavins, you’ll be inspired to sing with all your heart.

Written and performed by Vicki Kueppers and featuring special guest Darren Rust. Orchestrations by Steven C. Anderson.

Feminine Genius - Colleen Carroll Campbell

Building upon Blessed Pope John Paul II’s writings about “the feminine genius”, Colleen Carroll Campbell discusses the uniqueness of the makeup and vocation of women from God. She uses the lives of several female saints to help women recognize and use their gifts to live out their faith as Christians in the modern world. Author and columnist Colleen Carroll Campbell hosts EWTN’s Faith and Culture program.

Science, the Origin of the Universe, and God – Fr. Robert Spitzer

All too often, science is falsely pitted against Faith to disprove the tenants of Christianity. In this informative talk, Fr. Robert Spitzer—expert in physics, philosophy, and theology—debunks this powerful myth as he discusses the Big Bang and the origin of the Universe with sound reason, credible science, and faithful theology. This talk is a must-listen for anyone wrestling with the biggest questions regarding Science and Faith.

For the Kids

The Mass Comes Alive - Episode 1 - Cat.Chat

Cat.Chat is a Catholic Audio Show for kids ages 3-11 to help them learn and love their Faith like never before! Using prayer, great conversations, faith-filled stories, and catchy songs, each CD discusses the Catholic Faith while teaching kids powerful lessons for living out their Faith every day. Join Moses the Talking Cat, Papa, Josh, Hanna, and friends for an unforgettable experience!

Meet Kids 4 Jesus

Kids 4 Jesus... Great for home, school, or church! Children are made for faith! Children can reach great heights through a real relationship with Jesus and knowledge of their Catholic Faith. This CD features ten songs from the K4J programs that kids are sure to love, and which will help them build their character and teach lessons about the Faith. See how quickly your kids will learn the words and meaning of the songs!

Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime - Dr. Ray Guarendi
(Formerly titled You Are a Better Parent Than You Think)

Dr. Ray is a psychologist, radio talk show host, husband, and a father to 10 adopted children. He explains that what is needed to raise well-adjusted children who are prepared to succeed in life in today’s challenging environment is uncommonly good parenting. He draws from his wealth of knowledge and experience to discuss, with wisdom and humor, practical ways to succeed in this God-given calling.


Click here to see more thumbnails of the Kiosk



Do you know someone who has never been baptized, but has asked you questions about the faith? Or maybe someone who has been baptized in another faith has asked how to be a Catholic.

Our Rite of Christian Initiation for adults and for children run all year.

If you have questions, call Chris at 561-3580.


Ministry of Consolation -- Bereavement Ministry

It is the goal of the community of Our Lady of the Meadows that no member should suffer the loss of a loved one in isolation.

To that end, we are pleased to offer ongoing supportive

and pastoral services for the bereaved through the ministry of consolation.

These services include a monthly support group on the second Thursday of each month; routine contact by telephone and mail, as desired; assistance at funerals and receptions.

All services are free and available to parishioners or any family member who is experiencing the loss of a loved one.

It is our hope that, through these pastoral services, those suffering a loss may come to know the loving support of the faith community.

For more information contact the parish office, or Paula Giordano at 561-2958.


Caregiver Connection

Do you care for someone who is chronically ill; find yourself stressed out and frustrated; feel alone and overwhelmed?

You are not alone”

- find comfort in knowing others care. Join us and connect with other caregivers the second and fourth Thursday of every month (10:30 a.m.-noon) at the Joni Fair Hospice House Chapel (Second Floor), 1107 Pueblo Boulevard Way. No registration required. Open to the public.

For more information call 719-296-6201.



Phone number -- 561-3580


Chris Armstrong -- Chris@olm-parish.com

Facebook: Our Lady of the Meadows Catholic Community


Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated Thursday, May 16, 6:30 p.m.at Christ the King. Candidates and Sponsors need to be present by 5:30 p.m. tomeet with the Bishop.


Teens who are at least 16 years of age and have attended at least one year of high school Religious Formation are invited into the Confirmation Process. A packet with all paperwork will be available for next year's class soon


Please pray for our confirmandi



2019 Middle & High School Ministry Opportunities

Might be cold out ….but plan ahead for summer ministry opportunities to serve others. High School -- Young Neighbors in Action, Mission trip to Gallup, New Mexico, June 16-21, 2019. Steubenville of the Rockies, June 21-23, 2019. NCYC,

National Catholic Youth Conference, November 21-23, 2019 in Indianapolis,

Indiana. Middle School - Just 5 Mission trip to Alamosa, CO, June 15, 2019.

For more details please see Linda or Lynn. We have had youth attend these events and they would love to talk to other young people about their experiences.


Any middle school teen wanting to attend the JUST5 Mission Trip to Alamosa this summer, July 15-19 -- E-mail Linda Davis @lindadavis81004@yahoo.com or call 564-2696 if you are interested.

Baptism Preparation

Baptism is a sacrament of faith. As parents, it is your faith and that of the whole community that gives meaning to the celebration of this sacrament for your child.


● For babies and children less than 7 years of age. (Children 7 years and older must be enrolled in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC)).

● The family must be registered members of the Parish either Our Lady of the Meadows or Holy Rosary.

● A firm commitment by parents to raise their children in the Catholic faith to the best of their ability.

● A copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

● Attend a baptism preparation session within the last two years. Qualifications of Godparents:

● An understanding of the role of godparent.

● Be at least 16 years of age, fully initiated into the Catholic Church -- Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation and a participating member of a Catholic parish.

● Certification from godparents’ parish of eligibility to be sponsors is required.

The next Baptism preparation will be Saturday, September 22 (Noon to 4:00 p.m.)  Parents and godparents are required to attend. Baptism preparation sessions are offered four times a year.

Please call Chris at 561-3580 to register..


First Communion

Please pray for our children
 Contact Chris for more information at 561-3580


Newman Club

Newman Clubs will continue through April. We thank the Catholic Foundation for the generous grant to fund the high schools and this year Corwin Middle School. Clubs meet during lunchtime: East Club meets Monday; Centennial (Room 418) and Central (Barbara Guerrero Room) Tuesday; and South Wednesday.

Everyone is welcome!

Great food!


Check Facebook: Pueblo Newman Club for daily updates.


Evangelization with a youthful perspective:

Fellowship of Catholic University Students



Interested in Lectoring?

Youth interested in becoming lectors should talk to Chris or Father Jim.


Interested in Serving?

We are needing youngsters fourth grade and older who would like to be trained to serve the Mass on weekends and holy days. Talk to Chris or Father Jim if you are interested. Training sessions days and time to be determined

Father John Power Basketball League


Father John Power Memorial Basketball League isLooking for all former and current basketball players, coaches, workers, officials and sponsors who have participated in the Father John Power Memorial Basketball League over the past 50 years to the present. We are having a 50th Anniversary celebration in October and we would like to invite you. For more information, please call Jamie at 719-250-6630 or email frpowerbball@gmail.com.


2019-2020 Registration open

League is open to 2nd — 8th grade boys and girls.
You can register on-line at www.fatherpowers.org.,
e-mail at fatherjohnpowerbasketball@yahoo.com, or call Jamie at 250-6630. The League is also looking for volunteers for more information or to volunteer call Jamie

Interested in joining Serra Club

The Pueblo Serra Club is part of a worldwide organization formally recognized by the Holy See as the global lay apostolate for vocations in the Catholic Church. The Mission of Serra Club is to support spiritually, physically and financially the increase of vocation efforts within the Diocese of Pueblo and to be a positive reinforcement for our priests and religious. The Club become supporters of those contemplating a religious vocation and mentor those in the discernment process and those in seminaries. The club meets the first and third Saturday of each month (9:00-11:00 a.m.) at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Parish Hall. It is open to anyone interested. For more information contact Rose Marie Stimpfl at 720-363-6057.


Marriage Resources


Argument Tip #1: Many marital arguments escalate unnecessarily

because of bad timing. Bad times include -- when

your spouse just arrives home, is sick, tired, or before sex.

So when is a good time? Talk about this together but the

answer can't be "Never."


Are your kids "Ad Smart"? Can they pick out how advertisers

are trying to persuade them to want more stuff? Play a

game while watching or listening to ads. Try to pick out how

ads are trying to trick you to buy more. Teach your kids not

to be fooled.


Worldwide Marriage Encounter Retreats


Click here For Registration info

The weekend is designed to help married couples communicate more intimately in order to deepen and enrich their relationship. The weekend is free from everyday routines, distractions and tensions. An atmosphere is created where the husband and wife can concentrate exclusively on each other in a private confidential environment.

A series of presentations that touch on many aspects of marriage is given by three couples and a Catholic priest.

After each presentation the couple has time in the privacy of their own room for personal sharing using the communication techniques learned on the weekend. There are no"group discussions." The weekend starts at 8:00 p.m. on Friday and runs until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. All faith expressions are welco


Plants need fertilizer to grow healthy and strong and so too does

your marriage. Without some nurturing and care it will remain weak

and unfulfilling. Spread a little fertilizer on your relationship. Make

a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend and watch your love for

each other grow.

Weekends are at historic Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs.

Contact Glen and Toni Gallegos

719-591-9045 or socowwmereg@gmail.com for more information.

Or to sign up online, visit our website at wwme.org.

10/11/2019 Colorado Springs, CO

Click here for schedule of future encounters in Colorado


Already Encountered?
Join the Southern Colorado Community every third Saturday of the month for fellowship, presentations, dialogue and other events.Sign up as a prayer couple, application couple or community support for upcoming weekends.Join a local Sharing Group

Call Glen & Toni Gallegos (719) 591-9045 for details and upcoming

Thinking about Separation or Divorce?


A program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their Marriages.
  • Do you feel lost, alone or bored in your marriage?
  • Are you frustrated, hurt or angry with your spouse?
  • Are you constantly fighting? Or, do you simply shut down?
  • Have you thought about separation or divorce?
  • Does talking about it only make it worse?

    ... Retrouvaille provides marriage help!

click here for more info


For confidential information about or to register for upcoming programs, call (303) 317-5111 or email:dialov1282@gmail.com or visit the web site at www.HelpOurMarriage.com

Next Colorado Workshops:

Denver   September 13, 2019


Divorced? Click here for a survival guide

Natural Family Planning:




What is it? The NFPI home-study course is a convenient way for couples to complete an NFP course for self-instruction and as a normal part of preparation for marriage.


What will you do and learn?

In the NFPI Home Study Course, you will-

* Study the NFPI manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach.

* Learn how to observe, record, and interpret the signs of female fertility.

* Learn Catholic teaching about love, marriage, sexuality and responsible parenthood.

* Understand that teaching in terms of the Christian marriage covenant.


What's the process?

You will complete a series of three tests based upon the NFPI manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach. You will be sent one test at a time. You will answer the questions or apply rules based on the readings. After you have successfully completed the first test, you will be sent the second test. When you successfully complete the second, you will be sent the third test. After the three tests are completed, you will be asked to interpret two charts.


More information can be obtained at the NFPI website: www.NFPandmore.org

Follow the Home Study Course Link.

A donation is requested.


The Universal Church

News from around the Catholic World


The Holy See

Pope Francis
Visit the Vatican
Vatican News Service

Pope Francis' Daily Spiritual Reflections

Our Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for October:


A Missionary “Spring” in the Church: That the breath of the Holy Spirit engender a new missionary “spring” in the church.




Pope's tweets Twitter



The Diocese of the Little Way

The Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg
Bishop of Pueblo

Diocesan Calendar can be found here: www.dioceseofpueblo.org/calendar



The Little Way for the Diocese of Pueblo
First, I admit and accept that, 
"I cannot overcome the trials of life 
and become who I am meant to be, on my own."  
Second, with total confidence in His merciful love for me, I pray: 
"Jesus, please come and help me by making all things possible."  
When these two actions become the spiritual air that I daily breathe, 
then I am living The Little Way. 
The Blessed Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea, is now pointing us forward, with the Strategic Plan to illuminate our next steps. Therefore, as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ, in positioning ourselves to become The Diocese of the Little Way, each of us is being called to participate by embracing her inspiring path: 

With all my heart, I will...
R   Recognize my littleness,
O   Offer everything to Jesus with confidence,
   Surrender to His Merciful Love, and
  Evangelize others to do the same!

Diocese of Pueblo Prayer for Vocations

Almighty God, ever faithful to Your word,
You have promised to send us shepherds and leaders
after Your own heart to gather and guide us.
We thank You for those priests and religious
who are persevering in their vocations,
and ask You to send them an increase in fellow laborers with Christ
for the salvation of souls.

Mary, Queen of Vocations, Pray for us.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus, patroness of our diocese, Pray for us.


A Message from Bishop Stephen J. Berg

The following is reprinted from the latest issue of the Today's Catholic Newspaper:


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At this present time our Church is being shaken by revelations of betrayal of trust by Church leadership.  The disclosures of criminal behavior by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and those named in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report have been devastating. I can only express how truly and deeply sorrowful I am for the tragic failures of the Church to protect innocent children in the past, and for the sins committed by certain Bishops in violation of their responsibility to protect their flocks into the present time. I apologize principally with all my heart to the victims who endured unthinkable suffering as children and robbed of their innocence, wonder and awe, and who have had to carry that burden throughout their lives. In compassion for all victims of abuse, and in sympathy for those in the parishes who have worked so hard to stop it from happening again, I share the universal outcry that the culture of the Church must be changed.
Recently I participated in meetings of the USCCB Administrative Committee in Washington, DC, as the regional representative of our Bishops’ conference. Cardinal DiNardo, president of the conference, Archbishop Jose Gomez, vice-president, and Monsignor Brian Bransfield, General Secretary, departed from that meeting to meet with Pope Francis in Rome. They brought to the Pope our recommendations for goals and next steps to change the culture of Church leadership. I fervently hope that we will now begin to take concrete steps towards our goals in transparency of reporting abuse by Church leaders and holding Bishops accountable for the safety of their flock.
   I wish here to earnestly assure you that in our Diocese we have worked hard for years with parish staffs and volunteers to ensure a safe environment.  We have strong programs in place for immediately reporting suspected abuse, responding to victims, and removing any priests or ministers responsible for such crimes. Be assured that the protection of our children will be maintained and will continue to be strengthened throughout our Diocese.
               As you read this copy of our Today’s Catholic, I pray that you can see the hand of God present in bringing forth our next steps together for the future of our Diocese.  Remember that two years ago we ourselves decided to change the culture of our Diocese. We have since initiated a new Strategic Plan, the light to illuminate the path of the future through the deployment of three effective tools: Forming Intentional Disciples, The Four Levels of Happiness, and The Amazing Parish. With this edition, we offer one final, overarching theme, to be easily understood and intuitively grasped by all. According to the wonder-filled spiritual gift of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, we are now invited to prayerfully begin a journey to become, thematically, The Diocese of The Little Way. While we remain canonically, civilly and legally the Diocese of Pueblo, we take an intentional step toward claiming for ourselves the charism of St. Therese, patroness of the missions, a charism chosen 76 years ago for our Diocese by our first Bishop, Joseph C. Willging.
In becoming The Diocese of The Little Way we begin to position our response to the great needs of our Brothers and Sisters in little ways. We begin to consider, discuss, and plan how we can seek to do great things in little ways, inviting the Catholics of the Diocese to join in taking little steps in prayer, faith formation, sacraments and charity. Our Diocese is not a mighty entity by any standards of the world, but in embracing our littleness, we can do mighty and wonderful things for the Kingdom of God. The Little Way is not an easy way, nor a short cut around our issues, nor a means to avoid our challenges. It is an elevation of our standards of conversion to the message of the Gospel with mutual respect and accountability to each other on that journey. We open the doors to answering an expressed, felt need, for deeper prayer and conversion for ourselves and for our Church.
I invite you into prayerful consideration of what is being presented in this edition. This is a wonderful opportunity in a difficult moment to read and reflect on St. Therese’s autobiography, Story of a Soul; to reflect and learn together as families, parishes, schools and throughout the Diocese.  The Little Way is a charism which is truly a pure gift, a message of conversion and lifting one’s arms up to the mercy of the Father. The Little Way is truly the real way, through the friendship of Jesus, to conversion, sainthood and to heaven.
On the Memorial of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the Gospel of Luke proclaims: “Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me. For the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest.” May the Lord bless our Church in its future to receive, protect, and nurture the least among us, our children. May our Diocese now move forward to The Little Way of Jesus. May the Lord Jesus bless you and yours, our Diocese and our Church.

Yours in Christ,
Bishop Stephen J. Berg



We Pray:
St Therese, beloved friend, we come before you in our need.
We know that you listen to us and approach God for and with us.
Please accept these petitions, hopes, needs and dreams.
Please present them to our loving Father so that God may do
what is best for us, for our loved ones, and for the fulfillment
of God's Kingdom. We ask you, dear friend, with bold
confidence and loving surrender you taught us.
We make this prayerful petition in the name of Jesus
and through thepower of His Spirit. Amen


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose,
make intercession for the Holy Church, protect our Holy Father,
help all those who invoke you in their needs,
teach us your way of gentleness and strength,
hope in the midst of the bitterness of life, burning charity,
and the precious gift of final perseverance. Amen


Diocesan Newspaper 
Today's Catholic
The Diocese of Pueblo recently rolled out a brand new email blast, the "Today's Catholic Blast." The purpose of this new blast is to supplement the print newspaper and better inform parishioners all across the diocese of the happenings from both the chancery offices and parishes. It will be sent monthly, is FREE, and will be open to anyone! To subscribe, visit www.dioceseofpueblo.org/subscriptions

Catholic Issues


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Our Prayer

The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon
you, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and
give you peace!


Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 13, 2019

On the way to Jerusalem Jesus was passing along between Samaria and Galilee.
And as He entered a village, He was met by ten lepers,
who stood at a distance and lifted up their voices and said,
"Jesus, Master, have mercy on us."
When He saw them He said to them, "Go and show yourselves to the priests (Lk 17:11-14)."



May your grace,
O Lord, we pray,
at all times go before us
and follow after
and make us always determined to carry out good works.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

Information taken fromwww.catholicculture.org

Prayers for the Deceased:


Please remember in your prayers: Dennis R. Caporicci; Sarah Powers; Richard A. Brown; Kevin F. McCarthy; 
and all the deceased members of our parish, family, and friends





To fall in love with God, is the greatest romance;

to seek Him the greatest adventure;

to find Him, the greatest human achievement.

--St. Augustine



Jesus, I Trust in You!

By asking for the Lord's mercy, trusting in His mercy, and sincerely trying to live His mercy in our lives, we can assure that we will never hear Him say of us, "Their hearts are far  from Me," but rather that wonderful promise, "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy."



Information taken fromwww.catholicculture.org


How can we protect our children when we don't respect life?

Mother Teresa  I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child - a direct killing of the innocent child - murder by the mother herself. And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love, and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts.--Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the LORD, your God, obeying his voice, and holding fast to him. For that will mean life for you, a long life for you to live on the land which the LORD swore to your ancestors, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give to them. Dt 30:19-20

Let us Pray: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.




Remember to pray for peace every day at noon.


“Peace is: to live, to love, to learn, and leave a legacy with balance and joy.

Peace is: cooperation rather than competition; to become part of a synergistic, living whole.

Peace is: the development of our human endowments that empower us with character and competence in the moment of choice.

Peace is learning to listen and live by conscience.”

Stephen R. Covey, U. S. educator and leadership consultant





October is the Month of the Holy Rosary

Prayer of St. Louis de Montfort

O Jesus living in Mary, come and live in Your servants, in the spirit of Your holiness, in the fullness of Your might, in the perfection of Your ways, in the truth of Your virtues, in the communion of Your mysteries. Subdue every hostile power, the devil, the world and the flesh, in the strength of Your Spirit, for the glory of Your Father, Amen.

Joyful Mysteries

Nativity of Christ
Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple
Finding of the Christ Child in the Temple

Luminous Mysteries

Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
Manifestation of Jesus at the Wedding at Cana
Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
Transfiguration of Jesus
Institution of the Eucharist

Sorrowful Mysteries

Agony in the Garden
Scourging at the Pillar
Crowning with Thorns
Carrying of the Cross

Glorious Mysteries

Descent of the Holy Spirit
Coronation of Mary



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Feasts in the Month of October

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The Liturgy of the Word

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The Word of God

New American Bible

Readings for Mass



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Daily Gospel Reflections:
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Sunday Reflections from Scott Hahn









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  Vocations Challenge
"Are you up for a Challenge?  Here's a checklist for a 45-day Vocations Challenge.  How about starting on Nov 6, Vocations Sunday?  Or start on Nov 11 and finish on Christmas Day?  Can you do it?"


The Culture of Life

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Word of Life webpage.
I am Pro-Life because I am Pro-You.  Go You!



LOVE is to will the good of the other.


Whom you would change, you must first love
and they must know that you love them.
Martin Luther King




Rachael's Vineyard

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Priests for Life

Post Abortive Care

Silent No More


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The Chaplet of St. Michael

O God, come to my assistance. O Lord, make haste to help me. Glory be to the Father, etc.

[Say one Our Father and three Hail Mary's after each of the following nine salutations in honor of the nine Choirs of Angels]  

1. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Seraphim may the Lord make us worthy to burn with the fire of perfect charity.

2. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Cherubim may the Lord grant us the grace to leave the ways of sin and run in the paths of Christian perfection.

3. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Thrones may the Lord infuse into our hearts a true and sincere spirit of humility.

4. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Dominations may the Lord give us grace to govern our senses and overcome any unruly passions.

5. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Virtues may the Lord preserve us from evil and falling into temptation. Amen.

6. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Powers may the Lord protect our souls against the snares and temptations of the devil.

7. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Principalities may God fill our souls with a true spirit of obedience. Amen.

8. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Archangels may the Lord give us perseverance in faith and in all good works in order that we may attain the glory of Heaven.

9. By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Angels may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted in the life to come to Heaven.

Say one Our Father in honor of each of the following leading Angels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and our Guardian Angel.

Concluding prayers:

O glorious prince St. Michael, chief and commander of the heavenly hosts, guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits, servant in the house of the Divine King and our admirable conductor, you who shine with excellence and superhuman virtue deliver us from all evil, who turn to you with confidence and enable us by your gracious protection to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

Pray for us, O glorious St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ, that we may be made worthy of His promises.

Almighty and Everlasting God, Who, by a prodigy of goodness and a merciful desire for the salvation of all men, has appointed the most glorious Archangel St. Michael Prince of Your Church, make us worthy, we ask You, to be delivered from all our enemies, that none of them may harass us at the hour of death, but that we may be conducted by him into Your Presence.This we ask through the merits of Jesus Christ Our Lord.



Matthew 25

Let's Develop
The Spiritual Virtue of Charity & Perform Corporal Works of Mercy

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We thank Father Nghia Cao of Cross Catholic Outreach who

spoke at all Masses on behalf of the poor in

developing countries. Cross Catholic Outreach was founded to

create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the

priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean,

Africa , Asia, Central and South America.


Food For The Poor



Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo

Give and Pray for the victims of oppression and violence in Syria, Sudan and all over the world



" Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaining.  As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace. Whoever preaches, let it be with the words of God; whoever serves, let it be with the strength that God supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen ."
-- 1 Peter 4:8-11

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You have been told, O mortal, what is good, and what the LORD requires of you:

Only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8